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Financial Races is the latest product offering from Platinum Pari-Mutuel Gaming. GET STARTED NOW! Financial Races is an online experience that will enable users to follow and share information regarding the fast-paced global financial marketplace and to compete against each other in a traditional racing format. In short, we are developing a new way for individuals to interact with the public financial markets. Our vision is to be at the intersection of the global financial markets, fantasy sports, horse racing and online gaming community.





How To Calculate Costs:

To calculate the number of combinations, you simply multiply the number of selections times the number of legs in the bet.

If there are duplicate selections in each leg, you must reduce the number that is multiplied by those duplicates. For example, if you have an Exacta Box with 5 entries, it would contain 20 combinations (5x4=20). If you have a Trifecta Box with 5 entries, it would contain 60 combinations (5x4x3=60). If you have a Pick 6 with 2 entries in each leg, it would contain 64 combinations (2x2x2x2x2x2=64).

Obviously, you would need to multiply the cost per combination to calculate the actual purchase price.

Want To Know How It Works?

Each trading day we will randomly select listed stocks, bonds, markets, currencies, or other publically traded vehicles (entries) from the global investment communities. We will bundle several of these entries into a portfolio containing “like” entries (Markets, Tech, ETF’s, Commodities, etc.) to allow patrons to use their skills against other participants to select multiple options to generate winnings for either cash or prizes (depending on jurisdictional rules).

Each entry will have a number associated with the name/symbol. These portfolios and entries will be listed on the bet processing website. Multiple periods of trading times will be defined and trading will open at 7am EST. Traders will have several options for the entries – win, place, show, exacta, etc. Trades will be allowed up to the pre-determined stop trading time (post time) and then the market trading competition begins. How the market trades these entries during each period of time, will define the winner (results time). Races can “run” for a variety of timed (10 minutes, hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, annually), that will be defined prior to opening. A winner is defined as the highest percentage change during that trading period. Options could not only the traditional winning due to the increase (1st place), but we will also offer the winner as the highest percentage decrease (worst) performance (last place).

Trade types will be offered much like at a racetrack: Win, Place, Show, Exacta, Trifecta, etc. Payout prices will be calculated for each bet type which will be based upon pari-mutuel calculations for each bet type. Pari-mutuel, loosely interpreted, means betting amongst ourselves, where the sales on all combinations within a pool added together and then divided by the amount on the winning combination(s) after a commission is subtracted by the operator. In special cases, we may define a fixed amount to be assigned for “contest” play, which will be clearly defined in the rules of the contest.

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